The Fornace Sugaroni to be closer to its customers, provides them with a range of services to follow the best before, during and after the purchase of the material.

  • Total unlimited-time guarantee on the material

  • Business offices always ready

  • Informative documentation on paper and CD-ROM

  • Samples sent by express courier throughout Italy and abroad

  • Technical office ready to supply information

  • Show room and sales office where the customer can touch and see the products

  • Guided tour of the establishment

  • Study and planning for heated and cooled flooring

  • Study and creation of molds for custom designed formats

  • Reprodution of materials for restoration project

  • Personalized finishes and effects

  • Collaboration with technical and architecture studios

  • Graphic coumputer creations with various examples of flooring and paving

  • Cladding of attic ceilings with wooden beams and tiles

  • Turnkey project

Tailored for you